irexecosd - irexec with OSD features

irexecosd is a little program (abble to run as daemon) designed to execute a program using an infra-red remote control (lirc) and osd (xosd).

This program add special feature for halt command. You need to confirm your choice to really halt your computer. If not the halt process is canceled.

This program use lirc library to get IR remote control command and execute the program binded to the key pressed and display on screen the command executed (using xosd library).
When the halt button of remote is pressed, the deamon display on screen a pre-shutdown message asking confimation. If the button halt of remote is pressed again, the deamon halt the computer. If not, the shutdown halt process is aborted.


General Public Licence : The Free Software Foundation


Version 0.04 : irexecosd-0.04.tar.gz


  • LIRC : Linux Infrared Remote Control
  • xosd : OSD library for Linux

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